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There are countless reasons to choose Canada as a Study destination, here are the top 10.
1 – Canadian Education is highly regulated and has some of the world’s top Colleges and Universities.
2 – A Canadian Diploma is recognized and highly valued around the world.
3 – Nearly half a million International Students Study in Canada each year from around the world.
4 – Canadian maintains one of the strongest economies in the world.
5 – Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
6 – As one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world, Canada is known for its Diversity and equal opportunities for all races.
7 – Canada maintains high safety standards with ethical law enforcement.
8 – Canada has some of the best employment opportunities in various fields.
9 – Canada has reasonable cost of living for International Students.
10 – Canada has Post Graduation Work and even Immigration options for International Students.
Working with a GEM Agent is a great first step. Our Pathways portal will allow you to explore Programs and learn about some of Canada’s leading Education Institutes. You may use the freedom to explore and express interest in your desired Areas of Study, however, contacting GEM will allow you to work closely with an Agent, free of charge to seek Counseling and Mentorship on how you can potentially Study in Canada. Expect to work with a trustworthy, knowledgeable Professional with expertise in the Canadian Education system. Your Mentor will assess your eligibility and help you apply to your ideal programs of choice.
Choose Post Secondary Programs or Post Graduate Programs if you have prior Education from an accredited Institute.
There are multiple Areas of Study to Choose from including the categories below:
Arts and Humanities
Business and Management
Engineering, Aviation, Information Technology
Health Sciences and Community Services
Hospitality, Culinary Arts, Tourism, Recreation
Law, Politics and History
Media, Design, Advertising
Skilled Trades
Choosing where to Study is a difficult task. If you don’t already know what Canadian Province or which Institution to study at, a GEM Agent will be able to guide you. Some of the things to consider are what environment you prefer, a fast paced location at a large Institute, or perhaps a smaller setting in a small town. Choosing a location of study is just as important as choosing an Institute to study at.
Each College and University has its own requirements for Admissions. Connect with a GEM Agent for a full assessment of your profile and credentials to see which Institutes and Programs may suit you best.
As a condition of Study Permits and Visas, International Students are required to maintain a full-time status as a Student throughout the duration of their visa.
International Students of Public College and Universities can work part time, i.e. 20 hours per week while maintaining a full-time status as a Student. An SIN (Social Insurance Number) is required and can be obtained at the airport or at any Service Canada office.
Students of Public College and Universities that are enrolled in a minimum of a one year program are eligible to apply for a PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit) upon graduation.
Students of a 1 Year Program are typically eligible for a 1 year Post Graduate Work Permit.
Students of a 2 Year Program are typically eligible for a 3 year Post Graduate Work Permit.
Use this GEM Pathways portal to browse programs and view the average tuition fee for International Students stated on the individual Institute pages. The actual cost of the program and estimates on living costs in the location of choice can be discussed with your GEM Agent.
Various Scholarships are available based on the Programs of choice. Post Graduate Students in full-time Masters or PhD programs typically receive some form of scholarship from the University. The funding may be either in the form of TA (Teaching Assistantship) or RA (Research Assistantship). The scholarship amounts varies.
There are opportunities for you to bring your immediate Family members to Canada while you Study or after Graduation. An Immigration Attorney will be able to answer questions in this regard and provide guidance.
Whether you are planning ahead for the future or ready to start the Admissions process, you may either create a profile on this GEM Pathways site and express interest in specific programs, or simply Contact GEM for step by step guidance.